The most valuable fibers in the world need and deserve the best production processes for being worked. For this reason, for almost thirty years now, we have been constantly developing new textile technologies.

We own various patents: one of them allows us to manufacture items of the finest pure cashmere.

This very precious and thin fiber, otherwise not industrially workable due to the lack of kinetic resistance, is associated with another fiber, which is hydro soluble, and then submitted to weaving.

The fabric thus obtained is then submitted to a washing treatment that completely eliminates the soluble fibers leaving only the fine cashmere, which has already enough kinetic resistance to stay together.

This process, which can also be used for other fine fibers, allows us to produce our most representative item: EcoShahtoosh®, the faithful cashmere reproduction of the Indian shahtoosh.

It is a stole made of pure extra thin cashmere that replicates all the features of the classic pashmina, but in a modern eco-friendly version.

The latest patent released allows us to obtain garments in extra-fine noble fibers that are 400% thinner than the original first patent of 1999.